ឃាតកម្ម Kheat Kam 2023 - 6ixtynin9

Title: ឃាតកម្ម Kheat Kam 2023 - 6ixtynin9 เรื่องตลก 69 เดอะซีรีส์ , 6ixtynin9 the Series , 6ixtyn in 9 , Rueang Talok 69 the Series

Because of the economic crisis, Toom has suddenly been laid off. Without money, she resorts to theft and her thoughts turn to suicide when, like a gift from the heavens, a mysterious instant noodle box turns up in front of room number six—her apartment. What she doesn't realise is that inside the box contains millions. Soon, a pair of unfriendly gangsters turn up looking for the box.

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