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ដំបូលស្លឹកឈូក Domboul Slek Chhouk 2023 - Langkha Bai Bua

Title: ដំបូលស្លឹកឈូក Domboul Slek Chhouk 2023 - Langkha Bai Bua หลังคาใบบัว Lotus Leaf Roof , Hlangka Bai Bua

In the "Lilypad House," a small run-down house, lives Simala, a young woman who is raised to be ambitious. It is full of warmth and love despite its poor state. However, Simala still yearns to relocate to a presentable new house for her and her family and she hopes to find a man who is capable of changing her life for the better. "Warodom," a young good-looking man with an ambiguous lineage, also hopes to attract the attention of a beautiful socialite. Both Simala and Warodom share a common goal. But what are their true backgrounds, careers, and social circles? They appear with a presentable and opulent front as bait to lure each other in. Although, it would be considered a challenge to determine who the prey or the predator actually is, or perhaps it is because...they are in the same boat!

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