ចោរប្លន់ចិត្ត Choar Plon Chit 2003 - Jone Plone Jai [EP.22End]

Title: ចោរប្លន់ចិត្ត Choar Plon Chit 2003 - Jone Plone Jai โจรปล้นใจ The Thief that Stole my Heart , Jone Plon Jai , Jone Plai Jai

Puripat's mother loved only his younger brother, Pee and she disapproved Pee’s relationship with a young poor singer named Mak, our heroine. Therefore, she hired thugs to kidnap Mak to separate her son from her. Mak got kidnapped by these thugs a few weeks later and was almost raped by them only to be rescued by our hero. She woke up only after he had rescued her and seeing her blouse quite torn, she immediately accused him of violating her. As he refused to face the accusation and end up going to jail for it, he took our heroine to a countryside home and kept her there against her will.

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