ជីវិតនាងមច្ឆា Chivit Neang Macha 2014 - Kambal Sirena

Title: ជីវិតនាងមច្ឆា Chivit Neang Macha 2014 - Kambal Sirena , Kambal Sirena , Footsteps of a Mermaid

Twins Alona and Perlas are born with unusual features — one is born with gills and the other with a mermaid's tail. Worried by how would their neighbours react, their mother decides to move along with them to an isolated island. The twins have to live separately. Living with her mother, Perlas works in an ocean park. While Alona lives as a princess within the confines of the water, the kingdom of Sirenadia. Eventually the twins will fall in love with Kevin.

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សូមរង់ចាំបន្តិច វីដេអូកំពុងដំណើរការ