បេះដូង២ចំណែក Besdong Pi Chomnaek 2018 - If Paris Downcast [EP.39End]

Title: បេះដូង២ចំណែក Besdong Pi Chomnaek 2018 - If Paris Downcast 如若巴黎不快乐 Ru Ruo Ba Li Bu Kuai Le , Paris is Not in a Good Mood , 如若巴黎不快樂 , 如若巴黎不快乐,那就回到我身边 , Paris Unhappy

A love story between a woman who was wronged by a past love and the man who helps her regain confidence. Ruan Man Jun is a lawyer who was once carried away by her emotions into aiding and abetting a white-collar crime. She helps her boyfriend escape bankruptcy but gets in deep trouble because of it. Not only is she disbarred and her lawyer license revoke but she also has to serve time in prison. After her sentence is complete, she learns that her boyfriend has married someone else and it crushes her to the core. During the darkest times in her life, she encounters Tong Zhuo Yao, a man also bearing emotional scars from his past. Tong Zhuo Yao wants to help Ruan Man Jun, but she remains steadfast in her resolve to stand on her own two feet.

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