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បេះដូងកក់ក្ដៅ Besdong Kok Kdov 2015 - Warm and Cozy

Title: បេះដូងកក់ក្ដៅ Besdong Kok Kdov 2015 - Warm and Cozy 맨도롱 또똣 Jejudo Gaetsubi , 제주도 개츠비 , Maendorong Ttottot , Agreeably Warm , Jejudo Gatsby , Jeju Island Gatsby

Amidst life's setbacks and failed relationships, a man and a woman find solace on Jeju Island. The woman seeks healing for her career and love wounds, while the man guards his heart against past hurts. Together, they rediscover their warm, friendly selves, neither too distant nor too close. Their story revolves around overcoming life's challenges to restore warmth to their lives. Kun Woo, inspired by the Great Gatsby's sacrificial love for Daisy, confronts obstacles in pursuing his own love interest. Determined to save Daisy from her troubles, he forms an unexpected connection with a blunt and unrefined woman who knows little of true love. Amidst their journey, Kun Woo's heart softens, bringing warmth and gentleness to their lives.

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