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វេទមន្តស្នេហ៍ - Vetamon Sneh 2022 - Mister Flower [EP.31End]

Title: វេទមន្តស្នេហ៍ - Vetamon Sneh 2022 - Mister Flower 花花公子, Mister Flower

A shallow and chauvinistic man gets drunk one night and wakes up in the body of a woman. As he goes through a path of redemption, he has to help his siblings with their troubles and at the same time fend off the attention of his landlord. Siblings Chen Datian (Shane Pow) and Chen Xueli (Hong Ling), Xiao S (Benjamin Tan) and He Zhongting (Nick Teo) grew up together in an orphanage. Being the eldest among the four, Datian treats Xiao S and Zhongting like his own siblings too and takes good care of them. They gathered all their savings to set up a bubble tea shop, only to be sabotaged by their landlord Gao Yufei (Elvin Ng) and lost everything. A despondent Datian gets drunk in a bar and wakes up the next morning to find himself turned into a woman, “Chen Hua Hua” (Rui En)! Is that his punishment for his strong prejudice against women? Just as Datian begins to realise his past folly and turns back to himself, Xueli turns into “Xue Hua Hua” (Rui En), as punishment for being shallow and only judges one based on looks. Whether it is Chen Hua Hua or Xue Hua Hua, Yufei could not help it but to fall head over heels in love with her. But who exactly is Hua Hua? What is the mystery behind her connections with everyone?

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