វាសនាផ្កាក្រដាស Veasna Phka Krodas 2022 - The Root

Title: វាសនាផ្កាក្រដាស Veasna Phka Krodas 2022 - The Root รากแก้ว Tap Root , Rakkaew , Raak Gaew

Roithongsai is an orphan girl who was adopted by Rangrong's father. Upon Rangrong's father's death, she was looked after by Rangrong. When Roithongsai discovers that Rangrong views her in a romantic way and not as a sister, she attempts to run away. However, this task seems to be quite difficult since Rangrong is always around her, watching her. This drama is about a young girl's journey of escaping her benefactor who is sexually perverted and has caused her a lot of trauma. Will Roithongsai be able to change her life?

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