ទម្លុះភពទម្លុះបេះដូង Tom Lous Phop Tom Lous Besdong 2011 - Karm Wayla Ha Ruk [EP.34End]

Title: ទម្លុះភពទម្លុះបេះដូង, ប៉ងស្នេហ៍ខកបំណង Pong Sneh Khok Bomnorng, ឆ្លងភពតាមរកស្នេហ៍ ข้ามเวลาหารัก, Crossing The Time To Find Love , Transcending Time To Find Love , Musical On TV , Kham Wela Ha Rak

In 1992, Phet, a young singer in a pub, dreams of being famous with his supportive girlfriend Preapim. But Pim's father didn't like Phet, so he planned Pim's engagement with Pisanu. Pim and Phet then fled to live together in Hua Hin. One day, both of them went to visit the temple fair where they argue and get separated. Phet meets a fortuneteller who takes him 20 years into the future. There, he sees the much older Pim with her daughter and husband Phitsanu. Going to his old house, Phet learns that he died on the night of the temple fair with Pim. He then decides to stay in the future to investigate the cause of his own death, in order to go back and fix the past events and not let himself die.

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