ធីតាផ្កាកែវ Thida Phka Keov 2011 - Dok Kaew [EP.28End]

Title: ធីតាផ្កាកែវ Thida Phka Keov 2011 - Dok Kaew ดอกแก้ว Dokkaew , Orange Jasmine

Dok Kaew lives in the forest with other members of her tribe. Her father, who lives in the city, was mysteriously murdered. Dok Kaew, along with her friend, head to the city to search for the truth behind her father's murder. She becomes a servant in her father's house and slowly begins to unravel the mystery and hidden family secrets. While there, she meets Rachan and they fall in love, but he already has a fiancee; adding yet another obstacle to her mission in the city.

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