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ទេពកុមារមាស Tep Komar Meas 2010 - Tukkata Tong [EP.45End]

Title: ទេពកុមារមាស Tep Komar Meas 2010 - Tukkata Tong ตุ๊กตาทอง The Golden Doll , Tukkathong

The king had two wives. His first wife is Seesitsadja and his second wife is Soysawan. Queen Seesitsadja gave birth to a baby boy named Attithep by his caretaker and Soysawan gave birth to a gold doll later named Taywalit. A gasshopper guy trade the babies. So Seesitsadja got the golden doll and Soysawan got Attithep.

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