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ស្រមោលស្នេហ៍អសោក Sromoul Sneh Asoak 1999 - Ngao Asoke [EP.22End]

Title: ស្រមោលស្នេហ៍អសោក Sromoul Sneh Asoak 1999 - Ngao Asoke เงาอโศก Asoke's Shadow

Monthai is from a rich and well respected family, and is the only son of his mother (who is the legal wife) and his father. He is also engaged and in love with the family friend's eldest daughter, Viyada. Due to Monthai's father being a womaniser with many "wives", Khun Ying Tubtim is strict with her son as she does not want him to follow his father's footsteps. This leads to a rift between the mother and son when a housekeeper's daughter commits suicide because of Khun Ying's constant warnings and Monthai's engagement, and leads Monthai to cut off from his family before leaving for Australia. This also leaves Khun Ying Tubtim extremely traumatised. Bpeeyachat, on the other hand, is a poor girl who lived in the same neighbourhood as Monthai with her sickly grandma. She is indebted to Monthai and Khun Ying Tubtim through the kindness they showed her when she was a child. One day, due to an unfortunate incident, her grandmother passes away and leaves her in the care of Viyada's family. Years later, when Bpee finds out that she was raised in order to be Viyada's father's mistress she escapes to take care of Khun Ying with the help of Pam in the place of Viyada who has been unwilling to go for 4 years. Unknown to her, Monthai is already on his way to Thailand early. But what will happen when he finds out that the girl who has taken care of his mother so well for the past few weeks is not actually Viyada but someone else using her name, what will he do? Will he misunderstand her? Will he ever find out the truth?

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