ស្នេហានាងជេនជឺរ៉ា Sneha Neang Jen Chira 1996 - Ruk Diow Kong Jenjira [EP.18End]

Title: ស្នេហានាងជេនជឺរ៉ា Sneha Neang Jen Chira 1996 - Ruk Diow Kong Jenjira รักเดียวของเจนจิรา Jenjira's Only Love

This lakorn is about a remarkable girl named Jenjira, an orphan who lives with her aunt and uncle. When her uncle dies, her aunt sends her to boarding school to get rid of her and she is left practically all alone in the world until one day, she receives news and a letter telling her that she has been adopted by a kind man who will support her and send her an allowance each month. Though they only communicate by letters and Jenjira does not know his true identity, she comes to love and respect her new "uncle" very much. When she graduates from what we would call high school, she finds a job to teach the young daughter of a "Jao," a Thai nobleman who lives in Burma. She takes the chance and travels to Burma/Myanmar and meets her boss, Jao Rangsiman, a playful yet mysterious man. Her new home is exotic and beautiful but it also holds some secrets. In this foreign place and it's people how will Jenjira deal with everything? And as she grows closer to Jao Rangsiman, how will her romance play out? What adventure awaits her? Is her past behind her or will she be unable to escape it?

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