ស្នេហ៍នាយទាហានជើងទឹក Sneh Neay Tehean Cheung Tik 2019 - Heha Mia Navy [EP.28End]

Title: ស្នេហ៍នាយទាហានជើងទឹក, មន្តស្នេហ៍ភរិយាកងទ័ពជើងទឹក, เฮฮา(เมีย)นาวี, Heyha Mia Navy , Hilarious Wife , Hilarious Navy Wife

Wivorn (Nanthanat Lohsuwan), a beautiful foreign student, graduated with a master's degree in marketing from America. Has a strong willed and self-confident character, but is sincere and likes to help others. She is the only daughter of Major General Songwad (Chakkrit Amarat), Commander of the Fleet and Khunying Thupthong (Nahathai Phichitra), Head of the Sattahip Naval Wives Association. Her hobbies are buying diamonds and playing cards. After Revelation graduated and returned to Thailand He wanted Revelation to start looking for a job, but Park's Revelation because she had been studying all along did not stop. He refused, but the golden joss stick was fierce. He drew not to force the child. If the child wanted to take a break, he would have to rest first. He could not do anything, and finally had to give in vehemently.

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