រាជបុត្រជ័យជេត Reach Both Chey Chet 2012 - Chaiyachet [EP.45End]

Title: រាជបុត្រជ័យជេត, ទេពកុមារមាស Tep Komar Meas, Reach Both Chey Chet 2012 - Chaiyachet ไชยเชษฐ์ Chai Ya Chet ,

Aphisara and Daragade were two nang fahs in the sky. Aphisara tripped Daragade causing a fight and havoc in heaven. Therefore, Pra In sent them down to earth to be born as humans for punishment. Aphisara was reborned as Malaitee to Queen Seeusa and Daragade as Suwincha to Queen Umataywee. The two grew up and Suwincha took care of the kitten that was thrown away and named her Wila. Seeusa wanting Malaitee to be the successor of the throne, so she poisoned the food that Umataywee made for the King and accused her of poisoning the King. Suwincha and her mother was kicked out of the kingdom. Umataywee was killed by the amaat and Suwincha escaped and was looked after by Wila. Chaiyachet helps Suwincha a few times from a yak who wants to kidnap her, but never got the chance to talk to her. Suwincha became a daughter of a old Yak who loves her very much as a daughter. Later Chaiyachet meets Suwincha and rescues her from the Yak who kidnapped her and the Old Yak finally agrees that Suwincha can go with Chaiyachet. When Chaiyachet reached his kingdom, his parents already arranged 7 other concubines/wives for him, including Malaitee. Suwincha remembers Malaitee and what she had done to her in her childhood...

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