ភ្លើងក្នុងព្រះអាទិត្យ Pleung Knung Preah Atith 2015 - Pleng Tawan [EP.44End]

Title: ភ្លើងក្នុងព្រះអាទិត្យ Pleung Knung Preah Atith 2015 - Pleng Tawan Tawan's Fury , Plerng Tawan, เพลิงตะวัน

Prangthong was married before she was found in Tongthai' car all bruised and beaten up. Tongthai immediately brought her to the hospital and found that she had a miscarriage after being so badly beaten. Prangthong cannot remember who she is or where she's from. She was mentally and physically unstable. She couldn't do anything for herself: eat, use the bathroom, speak, etc. Tongthai felt sorry for her so he took her in to help her recover. He's the owner of a sunflower farm. He gave Prangthong the name Tawan since he's surrounded by sunflowers. Tongthai's mother helped teach Prangthong how to live life again by doing simple tasks of daily living. Soon, Tawan became a sweet and well-mannered woman who inherited good house skills from his mother as well. Tawan and Tongthai begin to fall for each other. However, when Tongthai took her to the carnival on Songkran, he realized that Tawan was really good at shooting games. She won every game and seemed to be familiar and comfortable with operating the gun.

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