ភ្លើងបុណ្យ Pleung Bun 2017 - Plerng Boon [EP.90End]

Title: ភ្លើងបុណ្យ Pleung Bun 2017 - Plerng Boon ស្នេហ៍បង្កប់ពិស Sneh Bongkob Pis ភ្លើងស្នេហ៍ភ្លើងឬស្យា Pleung Sneh Pleung Reusya, เพลิงบุญ The Frenemies , The Fire of Virtue

Pimala and Jai Rerng have been childhood friends. Jai Rerng has always been the vices, and Pimala the virtues. Rerk used to date Jai Rerng until she broke up with him and married a much more richer man, Terdpan. Nursing a broken heart, Rerk and Pimala find comfort in each other and he ends up confessing his love for her. They eventually get married. Married life does not work out for Jai Rerng and she ends up getting divorced from Terdpan. Seeking her childhood friend, who has now married her ex-boyfriend, she asks to move in with them. Pimala feels very sorry for her friend, so she allows her the shelter of her home. Rerk, on the other hand, still hates Jai Rerng with a passion for leaving him. Alas, Jai Rerng has come back with a plan to continue what she had left years ago, and love or hate, there is passion. Eventually Rerk falls for Jai Rerng's seduction, and they end up having an affair. Naturally, Pimala finds out.

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