បេសកកម្មឧក្រិដ្ឋជនសម្ងាត់ Pesaka Kam Oukrit Chon Somngat 2018 - Project Gutenberg [EP.03End]

Title: បេសកកម្មឧក្រិដ្ឋជនសម្ងាត់ Pesaka Kam Oukrit Chon Somngat 2018 - Project Gutenberg 无双 無雙 , Mo seung , Wu shuang , Mou seung , The Counterfeiter

A cowardly and struggling artist-turned-criminal named Lee Man is extradited from a prison in Thailand to Hong Kong to help the police track down a mysterious and fearsome criminal genius known only as Painter. After initially refusing to talk, the police let Lee Man see a former girlfriend who tells him that Painter has killed her lover and wants to take her life, too. This eventually seems to convince him to spill the beans to the police. He explains how when he was a struggling artist in Canada, Painter convinced him to join a counterfeit United States dollar printing ring – using Lee Man’s advanced copying skills. Lee Man goes on to explain how he eventually joined Painter’s gang, having already lost everything he ever held dear – but eventually found he had bitten off far more than he could chew. However, as Lee Man reluctantly remembers his time in the criminal gang, the plot begins to thicken – and he continues to warn off the terrible retribution that will befall him if Painter learns he is cooperating with the police. Where and who is Painter, and will the police find him... before it’s too late?

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