នាងការ៉ាកេត Neang Karaket 1997 - Karakade [EP.18End]

Title: នាងការ៉ាកេត Neang Karaket 1997 - Karakade การะเกด Kara Kade , Karaked

Karakade is a traditional dancer. One day, Jao Yupparat (the King of Laos) sees Karakade dancing and falls in love with her. But he was forced to marry his cousin/betrothed bride. After they get married, the wife ends up helping by faking a pregnancy when Karakade was the one pregnant. Karakade gave birth to a son, but she feels guilty about ''stealing'' Jao Yupparat and runs away, leaving her son to him and the first wife, and pretending she died while crossing the Mekong River to Thailand. Jao Yupparat never looked for her. When the son grows up he eventually meets his mom but she refuses to go back to Jao Yupparat.

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