អាមួយសម័យថ្មី A Mouy Samaiy Tmey 2008 - Muay Inter [EP.28End]

Title: អាមួយសម័យថ្មី A Mouy Samaiy Tmey 2008 - Muay Inter หมวยอินเตอร์ Inter City

Muay Inter is the story of Chayanuch or Nuch, the youngest daughter of the Jittinan family, a Thai-Chinese family that has one of the country's largest rice trading businesses. Nuch is a modern unconventional girl who loves racing and does not give up easily, therefore she often makes her father angry, unlike her eldest brother Pon and second sister Pat who are more obedient. Nuch has a friend named Orn who works at an advertising and public relations firm. Charlie is a Thai-American guy who recently arrived in Thailand and is Orn's boss. He returned to get revenge on the family of Khun Ying Emjit, who caused his mother to die 20 years ago. When Nuch and Charlie meet for the first time, he misunderstands that she's a prostitute and they both dislike each other. Later, Nuch enters the Miss Chinese Galaxy beauty contest which Charlie is part of the organizing team. They grow close and eventually fall in love.

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