មន្តស្នេហ៍កុលាបពិស Mon Sneh Kolab Pis 2008 - Dao Puen Din [EP.54End]

Title: មន្តស្នេហ៍កុលាបពិស Mon Sneh Kolab Pis 2008 - Dao Puen Din ดาวเปื้อนดิน Dao Pbuen Din , Dao Pbeuan Din , Dao Bpeuan Din , Star Sustain Dirt , A Star stained on Earth

Dao Puen Din tells a story about the endurance of love. Aam and Eaum Dao have a loving relationship filled with sweet moments and trust. Then Rinladaa comes into their lives and start whispering lies to break them apart. Rinladaa is an ambitious and conniving young woman who wants everything from Eaum Dao. She wants her family, her life, her wealth, and even her lover. Rinladaa comes to live with Eaum Dao because her father is a loyal employee of Eaum Dao’s father, Gong Pope. Rinladaa’s father killed his creditors and asked Gong Pope to care for his wife and daughter while he handle his legal matters. In the past Rinladaa’s father saved Gong Pope from a shooter so Gong Pope doesn’t hesitate to take Rinladaa and her mother into his home. Rinladaa has an innocent face but her heart is filled with tar and jealousy. Eaum Dao sees through Rinladaa’s innocent face but no one believes her. Rinladaa transform Eaum Dao’s life into total chaos. Rinladaa morphs Aam into a jealous madman and Eaum Dao into an angry human being.

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