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មាគ៌ាស្នេហ៍ Mea Kea Sneh 2019 - Buang Nareumit [EP.22End]

Title: មាគ៌ាស្នេហ៍ Mea Kea Sneh 2019 - Buang Nareumit บ่วงนฤมิต

Kwanuma is a famous actress who accepted a role in the drama ''Roy Adeed'', based on a novel by a writer who died a long time ago. She's not happy after reading the script but she vaguely remembers something while reading it. She decides to buy the original novel and meets Theeratch accidentally. He's part of the crew in the lakorn. They feel attracted to each other, as if the novel's story is their story...

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