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លួចស្នេហ៍តាមអនឡាញ Louch Sneh Tam Online 2015 - Ab Ruk Online [EP.44End]

Title: លួចស្នេហ៍តាមអនឡាញ Louch Sneh Tam Online 2015 ស្នេហាអនឡាញ Sneha Online, Ab Ruk Online แอบรักออนไลน์, Secret Love Online , Khun Ab Ruk ,

The beautiful Awatsaya has a bright future. Already a business leader in her mid-30's, she excels professionally and expects to remain single. But that intention is disrupted when her company hires Pranon, a recently heart-broken, handsome, talented and kind man. She falls for him, but to maintain her position and image she cannot openly pursue him. Instead she courts him using the pseudonym Ab Ruk in a chat program. Their online relationship grows smoothly until Prippreaw, a rich young woman who is in love with Pranon, pretends to be Ab Ruk. To further complicate the relationship between Awatsaya and Pranon, a handsome boss joins their workplace. Mr. Lipta is secretly infatuated with Awatsaya. And his playful teasing nature is quite charming.

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