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លង់ស្នេហ៍មេអណ្ដើក Long Sneh Me Ondeuk 2018 - Secret Moon [EP.39End]

Title: លង់ស្នេហ៍មេអណ្ដើក Long Sneh Me Ondeuk 2018 - Secret Moon มีเพียงรัก Mee Piang Rak , Mee Phiang Rak

Jaokha is a young woman who wants to be a detective, so she creates a page called "The Hidden Moon" along with her two friends Jamsai and Haew. One day Theerada hires her with a plan to match her handsome and flirt brother Thanadon and her friend Jane. For this job, Jaokha has to make Thanadon meet Jane three times. The first time, Jaokha has to be a gypsy fortune teller and tells Thanadon that he is going to meet the right woman. Things go wrong. Thanadon knows the plan and he becomes interested in Jaokha instead. Jaokha wants to cancel this job, but she needs money. While trying to make Thanadon meet Jane, the relationship between Thanadon and Jaokha develops. Finally, the plan ends. Jaokha has to accept the truth that she loves Thanadon. However, she is reluctant to be in a relationship.

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