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ល្បែងស្នេហ៍ប្ដូរមុខ Lbeng Sneh Bdour Mok 2016 - The Unexpected [EP.22End]

Title: ល្បែងស្នេហ៍ប្ដូរមុខ Lbeng Sneh Bdour Mok 2016 - The Unexpected รักสลับหน้า Rak Salap Na

The story of Panthep (Anuwat Chucherdratana), a young man with an ugly face who invests in plastic surgery, but unfortunately, his face turns out to be similar to Petai (Anuwat Chucherdratana), a young mafioso who was recently assassinated. So he has to pose as a mafia instead in order to lure the criminal into appearing. At the same time, he uses this opportunity to enter the entertainment industry to woo Karaket (Kwankawin Thamrongrathaseth), a young actress he secretly admires. But various situations that happened brought him closer to Kaewkanda (Patchaya Phiansamer), a kind-hearted girl on the set, until a love and relationship developed. So he decided to face the truth. Help Phethai escape danger. before coming back to being yourself Taking care of my mother and younger sister, both of whom are my heart again.

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