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គុជបញ្ចាំស្នេហ៍ Kuch Boncham Sneh 2009 - Yok Lai Mek [EP.30End]

Title: គុជបញ្ចាំស្នេហ៍ Kuch Boncham Sneh 2009 យក់បញ្ចាំស្នេហ៍ York Boncham Sneh - Yok Lai Mek หยกลายเมฆ Cloud Jade

Katriya, otherwise called by her nickname, Kat is interested in the business of gems. She entered her designs in a competition in hopes to make her name more known and also to get the chance to meet Paul Lee, a designer she admires greatly. However, when she meets him after winning 1st place, she realizes that they’ve already met before but due to a previous unsavory encounter, she starts to dislike him and hopes to not see him ever again. During her birthday party, Kat is given a Jade necklace from her dad and told to be an item that belongs to her mother. Unknowingly, that Jade necklace belongs to her biological mother, HuiSan, who’s going to die from cancer soon. As her dying wish to see Kat one last time, Kat decides to go visit her. After HuiSan dies, Kat is told to stay in Hong Kong to take over the family business as HuiSan's heir. Kat is hesitant because her family in Thailand is anticipating her return. But when her grandfather, Tao Gae Lor, experiences a heart-attack and refuses to do an operation, Kat makes a deal with him that she will stay so long as he goes through with the operation. Kat ends up staying in Hong Kong and meets Paul Lee again, who happens to have work relations with HuiSan and the company. Kat realizes her hope to not meet him Paul again is hopeless, rather they see each other more and more, developing both work and personal relationships. During her stay, she learns many things about her mother HuiSan and what happened in the past that led to her parents breaking up. Many secrets start to unravel involving her mother HuiSan, Suling, and her husband, Anthony Jang, and how everything seems to tie back to Kat's Jade necklace. Kat learns that some people are not who they portray themselves to be and to trust people carefully.

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