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កុំភ្លេចខ្ញុំ Kom Plech Kjom 2014 - Yah Leum Chan [EP.26End]

Title: កុំភ្លេចខ្ញុំ Kom Plech Kjom 2014 - Yah Leum Chan อย่าลืมฉัน Forget Me Not , Don't Forget Me , Ya Leum Chan , Ya Luem Chan

Yah Leum Chan is a love story between a young man and a young woman during college. "Forget me not" is the flower of love and promise. Before saying goodbye, Khemachad gave Suriyawadee a flower ring engraved with the words "Yah Leum Chan" (Forget Me Not) to remind their hearts of the saying "We will have each other forever, forget me not. If you still love me, then wear it with you, but if this love is ruined, then please take it off." Wadee met with a family crisis, so she had to quit school and marry an elderly man. She married him only in name because he wanted her to marry his son, but his son refused, so he married her instead. His son later regretted this decision when he realized that he missed his most important chance. Wadee disappeared from Khem's life without saying goodbye, causing him great despair. When he found out that she married a wealthy man, he turned into a vengeful person. At the same time, he was trying to finish his studies and worked hard until he became a successful businessman. However, his past was still haunting him so he could never love anyone else. He became a hot-tempered person with a bad mouth who can get angry at anything. One day, Wadee came back into Khem's life in the name of Mrs. Suriyong, while she was trying to find a job to raise her two sons. Love, desire, anger, and revenge have started. Suriyong came back because of love, and she came back to find her heart. Since Suriyong wanted to know how Khem was feeling and she wanted to learn about the man she loves, she decided to keep her past inside. Khemachad didn't want to love and didn't want to see her face, but because of his desires, he decided to get even with her. When the two bruised hearts are getting hurt even more because they had never recovered in the first place, there is more than one lesson in love to be learned. How will they get through this test of love when both of them don't want to be apart and don't want the other to love someone else?

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