កំហុសស្នេហ៍ Kom Hous Sneh 2020 - Mist of Love - Vithey Komnot Phop Sneh [EP.34End]

Title: វិថីកំណត់ភពស្នេហ៍, ភពស្នេហ៍, កំហុសស្នេហ៍ Love in the Mist , Love Across Time , Leh Bunpakarn , Le Banphakan, เล่ห์บรรพกาล

From a young age, Plerngfah could see people's previous lives. In order to treat these strange symptoms, his family relocates to the US, i.e. eliminate them. After twenty years, Plerngfah returns to Thailand to report for Channel 6. While covering a series of bombings, he meets Sitang, a young archeology professor; their encounter brings his old symptoms back. His visions reveal that Sitang is his soulmate from many lifetimes. Unfortunately, enemies who disrupted those previous lives also resurface and they swear to separate Plerngfah and Sitang once more.

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សូមរង់ចាំបន្តិច វីដេអូកំពុងដំណើរការ