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គេចខ្មោចជួបស្នេហ៍ Kech Kmouch Choub Sneh 2013 [EP.36End]

Title: គេចខ្មោចជួបស្នេហ៍ Kech Kmouch Choub Sneh 2013 หลบผี ผีไม่หลบ

Faculty of Communication Arts students The film department of a university has a project to produce a documentary film to submit to a competition. This team consists of Yada (Pornpassorn Atthapanyaphol), Wit, Pam, Ood and Noon, with Ajahn Sam-ang (Uthen K. Tanuam) serves as an advisor. Yada agreed with the team to make a ghost documentary, choosing a rural location where there is still belief in the occult. to match the atmosphere When the appointment is due They all headed out to the filming location. which is in Sangkhla Buri District Kanchanaburi Province But before reaching their destination, the car suddenly broke down unexpectedly. Until dusk, an E-Tak belonging to Khammi, a villager who had just returned from his farm, drove by. Khammi took them all to ask to stay at the elder's house. Village headman of Ban Khok Subdistrict They also helped to tow the broken down car to Boon Rawd, the village mechanic, to help repair it. The elders accompanied their wife, Nang Fon, to welcome everyone with great willingness. He also urged everyone to never leave the house late at night alone. Because at this time there were ghouls going on a rampage in the village. But Yada thought it was a very good opportunity. Because if her team can photograph real ghouls, their movie will definitely be a hit. Continue to follow in Dodging Ghosts, Ghosts Don't Escape.

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