ហង្សវង្វេងទ្រនំ Hang Vong Veng Tronom 2008 - King Kaew Kar Fark [EP.21End]

Title: ហង្សវង្វេងទ្រនំ Hang Vong Veng Tronom 2008 - King Kaew Kar Fark กิ่งแก้วกาฝาก King Kaew Kar Fak

Kaew lives near the beach with her parents. Intat is going on vacation to get over his ex Sa who dumped him for Piti. Kaew and Intat meet accidentally when she blocks his way on the road while riding her bike. He almost runs her over causing them to start a comedic duo that bickers every time they meet. The bickering causes Intat to lighten up and slowly get over his ex Sa. In contrast, King, a girl who looks similar to Kaew lives with her father and his family, where she is abused and used like a servant all due to a past incident where her mother was blamed for killing their grandmother, branding her the child of a murderer. Kaew wants to build a home for her parents but because she only finished grade 12, in order to expand her future opportunities to reach her goal, Intat suggests that he will support her and take her family to the city. This opportunity chances the meeting of the two girls. However, they do not know if they are related or why they look similar. But Kaew finds out that King is being abused through Intat's best friend, Panoo who is in love with King, so she can’t help but be curious about the girl and how to help her. Finally, in order to save King and get her treatment for her abuse, Kaew decides to switch places with her. Her involvement with the family continues to reveal family secrets related to King and Kaew's relationship, King's mother Patchanee, the death of King's Grandmother, and King's step-mother Nanta.

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សូមរង់ចាំបន្តិច វីដេអូកំពុងដំណើរការ