កាពីទែនកំពូលស្នេហ៍ Capiten Kompoul Sneh 2008 - Pou Karn Reua Reh [EP.30End]

Title: កាពីទែនកំពូលស្នេហ៍ Capiten Kompoul Sneh 2008 នាយទាហានជើងទឹក Neay Teahean Cheung Tik - Pou Karn Reua Reh ผู้การเรือเร่ Navy Offering Love

Nawin took a break from the government service to visit his grandmother who lives in Ampawa. He fell in love with Gawalin, but didn't want to let her know that he was a Navy officer. He disguised himself as a merchant who was selling Thai desserts on the boats to test his love. Gawalin's father wasn't fond of Nawin and his mission is to protect his daughter from all evil. It's a fun-loving lakorn full of laughter and excitement.

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