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វាយោផាត់ដួងផ្កាយ Veayo Pat Doung Pkay 2023 - Lom Phat Phan Dao

Title: វាយោផាត់ដួងផ្កាយ Veayo Pat Doung Pkay 2023 - Lom Phat Phan Dao ลมพัดผ่านดาว The Wind Blows Through the Stars , Lhom Pud Parn Dao

Daracha is a 35-year-old woman who is well educated and has a simple life with a set routine. After the failure of her first love, she has never opened up her heart to anyone. That is, until one day Wayu arrives into her world. The younger man is in his late twenties but loves to live his life freely, without the restrictions of a nine to five job and other societal expectations. Despite being so different from each other, the two fall in love and are happy. However, everyone around Daracha considers this relationship to be unacceptable as Wayu does not have a stable job like her and spends his life only for today without planning for the future or taking quick actions when problems arise. Wayu slowly realises how different the two of them are, and the feelings of uncertainty begin to grow bigger when one day Daracha's first love, Songwat, arrives and begins to influence their life. Suddenly it is time Daracha makes a decision for the future.

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