វាសនានាងមនោរាហ៍ Veasna Neang Monoreah 2001 - No Rah [EP.30End]

Title: វាសនានាងមនោរាហ៍ Veasna Neang Monoreah 2001 - No Rah โนราห์

No Rah's biological father is a dancer, but he was framed and sent to prison. The judge who framed him took No Rah's mother to live as his wife, but she was treated like a slave. Years later after No Rah grew up, she learned to love dancing especially the Manorah dance. She still does not know the truth that the judge is not her father. Kanchit is a rich guy who plays around with women thinking that money can buy anything. Kanchit's older brother believes that there are still some women in this world that won't see money as a god. Kanchit really likes No Rah, but he wants to make sure that she is the girl that will love him for who he is and not for his wealth and money like other girls. He constantly follows her and involves her in arguments.

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