ត្រកូលធ្មប់ វគ្គ១ - Trokoul Tmob I 2020 - Pbop Phee Jao [EP.18End]

Title: ត្រកូលធ្មប់ វគ្គ១, ปอบผีเจ้า

A young woman born with the fortune of a ghost's successor But then you have to lose everything, including your lover She tries to resurrect her lover from the dead until the end. At the prison with malice and waiting for the day the lover will return again. 700 years later, at Wiang Pha Chan, there is a big miracle Awakening from a long and warm sleep in Chiang Rai city, Wiang Pha Chan has two wives, Mae Chao Thong-On. Who are pregnant and mother, mother-in-law from foreigners who try to not be pregnant Returning to Wiang Pha Chan as the new mother of the Holy Hall Mother's bracelet is to ask for the devil's teacher. She conjured the soul into the belly of the bracelet and provided that, at the age of 20, that child had to become the heir of the death. Thongthong's mother gave birth to an ugly baby, named Khamthong. In the middle of the night one night Ruang found Khamthong eating the victim, knowing that she was ghoul. Rueang would like to help her. Therefore will take her to see Luang Pho But in the end, the words were not expensive to the appointment Bearing until trying to find the ring Showing that the ring is ugly and pregnant Ring lying that this is because of the expensive gold. Causing Rage to become angry and to plan to subdue the ghoul by luring expensive gold words to meet Reverend Father When she realized it, he was feuding and bearing out the heart to eat. Ring gave birth and died immediately. Doctor Phaseng, a medicine doctor who helped deliver babies to escape from Wiang. While the golden expensive words fled.

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