ថ្ងៃបាក់រសៀល Tngaiy Bak Roseal 2008 - Sawan Biang - Roseal Kong Sneh [EP.20End]

Title: រសៀលគងស្នេហ៍, ថ្ងៃបាក់រសៀល, ស្អប់ជំពប់លើ, ឋានសួគ៌លម្អៀង สวรรค์เบี่ยง, Paradise Diversion, Heaven Diversion , Sawan Bieng

Kawee Worawath is a rich, temperamental and arrogant spoilt brat. His father, Kid Worawath, had been recycling wives ever since Kawee's mother died and Kawee had grown up despising women for their gold-digging ways and, emotionally neglected by his father, became violent and difficult as a young man, treating women as objects and playthings. Things come to a head when Kawee's father, Kid, marries yet another new wife, Leela, a young lady Kawee's age and who once confessed her love to Kawee but was rejected. Leela brings her mother, her sister, Narin, and a younger brother into the Worawath household upon her marriage, and this provokes Kawee to no end. The Worawath household soon becomes a war zone with Kawee on one end and Leela on the other, with Narin caught in between and being collateral damage.

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