ទេពធីតាអស់ស្លាប Tep Thida Ort Slab 2004 - Nang Fah Rai Peek [EP.19End]

Title: ទេពធីតាអស់ស្លាប Tep Thida Ort Slab 2004 - Nang Fah Rai Peek นางฟ้าไร้ปีก Angel Without Wings ,

Pupah, a rich business man who has the misfortune of being married to a woman who married him for his money. Pupah’s wife is having an affair with his ex-buddy Sarung, but Pupah grits his teeth and bears with this farce of a marriage for the sake of their young daughter. Namwan, the only daughter of an airline owner, lives a cushy life. However, she is eager to work and begs her father to allow her make her own way by merit. So, she starts from the bottom of her father's company, working as an air stewardess. Pupah and Namwan literally bump into each other in Hong Kong and their first meeting ends unhappily. They continue bumping into each other in Thailand, as well, and their lives slowly intertwine. Sarung, eventually also falls for Namwan, creating more obstacles for the couple.

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