ស្វាមី Sva Mey 1999 - Samee [EP.32End]

Title: ស្វាមី Sva Mey 1999 - Samee สามี Husband , Samee

Rasika is related to the royal family and is considered as princess Rasika. Her father died and her family is in debt with the bank and soon they would repossess her home. She is trying everything that she can to keep it as it was given to her family by the queen. Her mother at the same time has fallen in love with a very rich Chinese man, Rab's father. But Rasika hates and doesn't want her mother to get involved with anyone outside of their race. But as it ends up her mother marries the Chinese man and he saves their home. Although he wants her to bow down to him and admit that money can make people do things. So he arranges a marriage for his youngest son, Ram (Joker) and Rasika. So he tells her that he will not save the house unless she married his son. At first, she refuses but agrees to save her home. She also had in mind that she would ruin Rab's family fortune. Rab and Rasika meet cause he is the middleman that tell Rasika what his father wants her to know and negotiate the plans. On the day of their engagement Ram didn't show up so Rasika thinks that she has won but Rab says that he will get engaged to her to save face for his dad, so the two become engaged.

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