ស្រីតូចចង្កៀងកែវ Srey Touch Chong Keang Keov 2018 - Por Mod Jao Sanae [EP.33End]

Title: ស្រីតូចចង្កៀងកែវ Srey Touch Chong Keang Keov 2018 - Por Mod Jao Sanae พ่อมดเจ้าเสน่ห์, Charming Wizard , Sao Noi Tha Kieng Kaew: Part 4 , สาวน้อยในตะเกียงแก้ว ภาค 4

After Nanny 3rd generation witch marry a human The Magic City was quiet and quiet ever since. The same is true of Grandma Tahira, who is determined to never again raise a witch to put humans at a disadvantage. The world of humans and the world of magic seemed to be torn apart. If nothing serious happens Nadal, the peaceful wizard Not very interested in studying magic Until making him a wizard who is weakest in magic. He is content to live a simple life. Happy with his beautiful wife, Hanna, and newborn twin sons, Rome and Matthew. The two children, although twins, But their faces are not quite the same. Until the peace and happiness of the Nadal family had to be destroyed by the family's hand. "Akradechochai" which is a witch hunting family. This family's ancestor was the fiercest enemy of all wizards. The event began when Hanna is doomed to die and die. Makes her feel hot and wants to go out and play in the human city. Even though I had just given birth to twins. Nadal tried to dissuade him out of a sense of foreboding. But it was not successful. So he was forced to go with Hanna as well.

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