រាត្រីនៅបាងកក Reatrey Nov Bangkok 2007 - Krungthep Ratree [EP.30End]

Title: រាត្រីនៅបាងកក Reatrey Nov Bangkok 2007 - Krungthep Ratree กรุงเทพราตรี Night in Bangkok

This is a story about intertwining destinies. A poor nightclub singer picks up a beaten man on her way home. He came from a wealthy family. At the insistence of his mother, he married another, but when he found out that his beloved was pregnant, he left his wife and went to live with her. Years have passed. The legal wife does not give up trying to get her husband back, even though she has a lover. The lover once wanted to marry her, but he was not approved and he married another. He had a son and another was illegitimate. Now together they concocted a plan. The lover had to drug the singer, take her to the hotel and rape her, and she would open her husband's eyes to the singer's betrayal. In the morning, the beaten singer came home and found a picture of her beloved taking her children with his wife. Terrified, the woman could only hold on to her youngest daughter. Now the eldest was at the mercy of this evil woman. Some time later, they had a joint child, and the poor singer had a son from a rapist. 20 years have passed. The children grew up and faced the problems generated by their parents.

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