ផ្ទះមាស Pteas Meas 1999 - ប្រាសាទមាស Brosat Meas - Dome Tong [EP.15End]

Title: ផ្ទះមាស Pteas Meas 1999 - ប្រាសាទមាស Brosat Meas - Dome Tong โดมทอง The Golden Mansion , Dome Thong

Veelorong is given a job as a governess in Adit's house. Known to those around them as the Golden House. The house holds a lot of mystery that are chosen to be left unexplained. there was a ghost that haunted the mansion at night. Or so the villagers thought. Adit sees Veelorong and finds her beauty to be intriguing. There is also a women[housekeeper] that does not want anyone to get near Adit because she wanted another women that was introduced to us as Adit's cousin to he with Adit. She was madly in love with Adit and Adit only viewed her as his cousin Veelorong herself was fascinated by Adit but kept it to herself. She and Adit's sister grew close as teacher and governess. The housekeeper planned many ways to get rid of Veelorong but she was always helped by Adit.

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