ផ្ទះមយូរា Pteas Mayoura 1997 - Ruen Mayura [EP.35End]

Title: ផ្ទះមយូរា Pteas Mayoura 1997 - Ruen Mayura เรือนมยุรา Reun Mayura

The story is a mix of period/modern. In the olden days, Nok Yoong knows magic spells cause her family knows it and her aunt taught her. Ayutthaya was in the middle of war so her dad and brother went off to fight. To protect her and their house, they put a spell around the house to make it invisible to everyone and somehow it also locked them in a time freeze. Pranai, her lover, asked her to run away with him but before she could go meet him, her dad put the spell around the house so they got separated. Past Pranai was a player and not so good of a guy. In the present, the spell is starting to weaken so Nok Yoong can get out and she finally realizes it's 100+ years later. Then she meets present Pranai, but he is not the reincarnation of past Pranai, he just has the same face. So the conflict is Nok Yoong thinks present Pranai is the reincarnation of her past lover. She wants him to remember the past and present Pranai wants her to love him not just because of his face or because she thinks her past lover reincarnated.

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