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ព្រលឹងខ្លាព្រៃ Pro Leung Khla Prey 2005 [EP.19End]

Title: ព្រលឹងខ្លាព្រៃ Pro Leung Khla Prey 2005 [EP.19End]

At Wiang Khan city which is a land that is in another dimension In contrast to the human world It was like a hidden city that no human could pass through. At the same time, people from Wiang Khan City were unable to come to the human world. Because if you step beyond this dimension, you will not be able to return to Wiang Khan City again. There were only a few people who could travel back and forth to the human world and the mountain. One of them is Kayamae, the shaman of Phayakkhamin. Or the Cult of the Evil Tiger, the disciple of the young witch Vanna. In the past, the young witch Vanna fought with Thao Saenchai, but the young witch was unable to fight. So he took off his soul and fled across the border into the human world. Later, Thao Saenchai and Lady Pathumdevi were chased by the disciples of the witch Savanna until they escaped to the cave at the waterfall. Young witch Vanna's subordinates take Mrs. Pathumthewi hostage. Mrs. Pathumdevi took Thao Saenchai's silver dagger and committed suicide. Thao Saenchai Korn then killed the witch's subordinates and buried Pathum Devi's body in the glass wall with a silver dagger. People believed that a silver dagger could destroy the spirit of an evil tiger. Later, the spirit of the young witch Vanna goes on a rampage. Possesses a young woman named Angkor until she turns into a vicious tiger that kills people. But in the end, the soul of the young witch Vanna was destroyed by a silver dagger. and embedded in the glass wall with a silver dagger People believed that a silver dagger could destroy the spirit of an evil tiger. Kayamae, a disciple of the young witch Vanna, He led the Black Spirit soldiers to invade Wiang Khan. which in the past was the city of Thao Saenchai King Makayin and Queen Anya ordered Antu, the main bodyguard, and Maya, Octu's wife, along with Mangkha and Dani, Antu's children, to take the young princess, Aya. Escape to the human world By wearing an eye-shaped necklace for the princess to use to open a secret passage to the human world. Queen Anya sacrifices herself to protect her husband. But King Makayin was taken hostage by Kayamae. While Antu and his family take Princess Aya to escape to a cave at a waterfall in the human world, Police Officer Jenskin and Rose, an archaeological couple, are searching for a silver dagger to decorate a museum abroad. Phran Ong was the guide. Dr. Jenskin found a silver dagger in the wall and ordered his workers to help bring it out. But Phran Ong tried to stop him. Because the silver dagger has magical powers and is used to crucify the spirit of an evil tiger. If the dagger was removed from the spirit wall, a ferocious tiger would come out and kill people. Twenty years had passed. The young princess was well raised by Dr. Jenskin and Rose. The two named their adopted daughter Nisha. Nisha works as a police lieutenant. And there is a fiancée who also works as a police officer, Police Lieutenant Akkaraphon Nicha, who has worked on a drug case in which Damrong, a big businessman, is a suspect. On the day Nisha broke in to find evidence. Damrong planned to kill her. While Nisha slipped and fell unconscious, Nisha did not know who had come to save her life. When she regained consciousness, she found that Damrong and all of his subordinates were dead. and looks like it was eaten by a tiger Akkhaphon took Nisha to get her wound treated at the hospital, with Dr. Kritiya treating her. When Kritiya saw Nisha's signature necklace, she immediately went to see Maya and Korpakan, her older brother who works as a doctor. forest officer and told the two that she had found the little princess. In fact, Kritiya is Dani. Gorpkan is a manga. The daughter and son of Antu and Maya who ran away with their parents from Wiang Khan to protect the young princess. As soon as he knew that Nisha was Princess Maya Korpakhan then traveled to Bangkok to protect Nisha. and helped Nisha from being pursued by Kongdet, Damrong's older brother, to avenge his younger brother. The three mothers and daughters have tried to find a way to remove the evil spirit that resides within Nisha from her body. But when the truth was told to Nisha, she did not believe in the body. He has an evil spirit.

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