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ផ្កាឈូកស Phka Chhouk Sor 2009 - Dok Bua Kao [EP.17End]

Title: ផ្កាឈូកស Phka Chhouk Sor 2009 - Dok Bua Kao ดอกบัวขาว The White Lotus

The main plot line of “Dok Bua Kao” is derived from a legend about a wealthy woman with a pure heart from centuries ago, who sacrificed all her worldly possessions to help the poor. She eventually dies out of starvation near a swamp. As legend goes, her body is then morphed into a lotus plant. In modern times, in buddhist culture, the lotus is used for worship for that reason, because it represents the highest order of sacrifice and purity. In “Dok Bua Kao”, the lakorn, Oranoot is the embodiment of the ‘lotus’ woman in modern times, she sacrifices everything for her family and gets nothing in return but heartache and pain.

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