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អំណួតភ្លើងស្នេហ៍ Omnout Pleung Sneh 2011 - Plerng Torranong [EP.34End]

Title: អំណួតភ្លើងស្នេហ៍ Omnout Pleung Sneh ភ្លើងស្នេហ៍បាក់អំណួត Pleung Sneh Bak Omnout, Plerng Torranong เพลิงทระนง Arrogant Flame , Lofty Fire

Plerng is the only son of Pipat and Pongpaew, who lives in Ranong and does fishing for a living. Pipat is actually the eldest son of Khun Ying Tongtraa Chatayothin, the owner of Thai Diamonds Company, or Phet Thai. Twenty years back, Pipat fell in love with Pongpaew, a poor woman who Khun Ying Tongtraa despised. Pipat was given two choices: stay with his mother or leave the house and go with Pongpaew. He chose option number two and lived a peaceful life in Ranong with his family. Until one day, Pipat's mother got ill and he finally decides to visit her. But they got into an accident in the way. Plerng mother is in a coma and his father is in a vegetative state. After find out that his grandmother is in the same hospital, he decides to give his father heart to his grandmother. but her aunt tricks him and made him promise to hide the truth from his grandmother. When his mother awake, they get back living in their town until fate makes him reunite with her grandmother.

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