អំណួតបេះដូង Om Nouch Besdong 2010 - Chaloey Sak [EP.24End]

Title: អំណួតបេះដូង Om Nouch Besdong 2010 - Chaloey Sak เชลยศักดิ์ Prideful Prisoner , Chaleuy Suk , Honorable Prisoner

Lieutenant Yothin Warat is a war hero from WWII, he was recognized for his involvement in the Free Thai movement during the war. Lieutenant Yothin has a bright future ahead of him and is engaged to Piromya, the daughter of a minister. Things turn bad for Lieutenant Youthin when his father Phraya Sawamipak Warat encounter financial problems in his shipping business. When Phraya Sawamipak’s company was in turmoil, Atisak,a businessman, took the opportunity to buy stock from the company . He offered Phraya Sawamipak money to fund the company in lieu of Lieutenant Yothin being his prisoner for 1 year at his home in Mon Pha Luang to take revenge on his family for slandering their family name years back. Atisak's sister Alisa is in love with Jao Kwan Fah , a womanising prince from a neighboring county and is in charge of supervising Yothin, their prisoner.

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