នាគផ្ចាញ់គ្រុឌ Neak Pchagn Krud 2013 - Manee Sawat [EP.12End]

Title: នាគផ្ចាញ់គ្រុឌ Neak Pchagn Krud 2013 - Manee Sawat มณีสวาท Lovely Gem , Manee Sawad , MaNeeSaWat , Ma Nee Sa Wat , Mani Sawat

Nakee is a Thai mystical creature. Her lover is Puchaken, the king of Naka. He was brutally killed by their natural nemesis, Garuda, the gigantic eagle king. Sorrowful for her lover's death, she become vengeful against Garuda. Many lifetimes have passed, Puchaken and Garuda are both reincarnated as humans. Puchaken was born into a rich family while Garuda is a clever businessman. Both Puchaken and Garuda fell in love with Nakee. She tries to get close to Puchaken to win his heart and make him remember their past as lovers. At the same time, she gets close to Garuda to find her chance to kill him. But will things goes the way she wishes? Will she be able to reunite with her lover or will the tragedy in the past life repeat itself?

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