អ្នកក្លាហានដាវមាស Nak Klahan Doav Meas 1987 - The Conspiracy [EP.16End]

Title: អ្នកក្លាហានដាវមាស Nak Klahan Doav Meas 1987 - The Conspiracy [EP.16End]

It describes the story of the Xiahou family of the Southern Song Dynasty who entered the Jin Kingdom to rescue the two emperors of Huiqin. There was an outstanding female figure in the Xiahou family, who was very talented and daring, but Emperor Gaozong of the Song Dynasty was afraid of her power and deliberately sent her to invest money in order to save the two saints on the surface, but in fact she was sending her death. Interspersed in the middle are the love triangle between Long Teng, the guard of the Hulao Gate of the Song Dynasty, Xiahou Cuiying, and Xiahou Ziying, and the tragic love affair between Jin Dynasty generals Wanyan Sangge and Xiahou Lanying. Later, Long Teng's life experience was revealed, and it turned out that he was also a Jin Dynasty general. He was the second brother of Wanyan Sangge, so Long Teng joined forces with Sangge to get rid of the ambitious eldest brother Wanyan Hachinu. However, the Xiahou family has suffered heavy casualties. Sang Ge and Lan Ying did not end well because of Dema's intervention. Long Teng and Cui Ying were also killed by Song Gaozong, and all the characters were sacrificed.

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