មេអំបៅប្រែពណ៌ Me Ombov Brae Por 2021 - Nabi, My Stepdarling [EP.22End]

Title: មេអំបៅប្រែពណ៌ Me Ombov Brae Por 2021 - Nabi, My Stepdarling , Step Darling , Nabi, I Will Not Love You , Nabi Chan Ja Mai Rak Thoe, นาบี ฉันจะไม่รักเธอ

Pichet is married to Waree and has a son, Kawin. Sirin manages Pichet's DUBAI CLUB. Pichet loves and trusts Sirin so much that Waree thinks she's Pichet's mistress. Waree’s sister, Weeranat, planted this falsehood in Waree’s mind when she herself fell in love with Pichet. With each day, Weeranat becomes more paranoid. Soon thereafter, Waree is found dead and Sirin has disappeared without a trace. Nabi, Sirin’s sister, who sees Pichet as a benefactor, starts working at his club to find clues to Sirin’s possible whereabouts. Meanwhile, Kawin immediately returns to Thailand, as he’s determined to learn whether his mother's death was accidental or if she was murdered. Previously, Kawin had confessed his love to Nabi, who rejected it, despite having feelings for him. When Pichet asks Nabi to be Kawin's assistant their feelings for one another quickly resurface. Kawin mistakenly believes that Nabi wants to become his stepmother. Can the anger and resentment stemming from this misunderstanding be resolved?

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