លង់ស្នេហ៍ក្នុងសុបិន Long Sneh Knung Sobin 2018 - Sweet Dreams [EP.48End]

Title: លង់ស្នេហ៍ក្នុងសុបិន Long Sneh Knung Sobin 2018 - Sweet Dreams 一千零一夜 One Thousand and One Nights , 1001 Nights , Yi Qian Ling Yi Ye

A story between Ling Ling Qi and Bo Hai as they meet due to a chance encounter and accidentally spark a fairy tale romance. Ling Ling Qi who is an employee at Bei Ma Hotel is a kind, considerate and helpful young lady. However, her insecurities often get in the way as she is unable to do well at work and often fails to muster up the courage to do what she wants. At the same time, she is also afraid to confess her feelings to Bo Hai who is her colleague at work. One day, she and Bo Hai participate in a public experiment that is being organized by a dream technology company. The device that they're trying suddenly malfunctions, causing the records of Ling Ling Qi's brainwaves to be accidentally transferred into Bo Hai's dream sequence. She begins to have the ability to enter his dreams and finds it easy to let go of her inhibitions in this alternate reality. She comes to her own as she tries to help Bo Hai overcome his childhood trauma, all while they also get to know each other in real life.

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