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លោកយាយតែមួយ Lok Yay Tae Mouy 2007 - Khun Yay Sai Diew [EP.17End]

Title: លោកយាយតែមួយ Lok Yay Tae Mouy 2007 - Khun Yay Sai Diew คุณยายสายเดี่ยว

Two women, a teenage girl named Kodsama and an almost middle-aged woman named Manwad, are niece and aunt have a culture clash between both tradition and different thought that generates conflict between them, the niece who comes from abroad with musical taste in his way of dressing and acting; he comes to ignore his aunt in his reasons and principles, apply himself in maturing in the adolescence stage, his customs and the experiences of his family, while his aunt does not understand her niece her youth stage that generates an era that she He could not live it out of what it is to be a woman and that has generated a repressed and rigid feeling for his doctrine and conviction, instead of being spontaneous, confident and charming as who he was when he was young. A mystic box will make a confrontation between the aunt and the niece change their bodies thanks to the magic of the box that opened by accident, the aunt will be in place of her niece where she will live again as a young teenager, while the niece will be the aunt will have to learn to be an adult and in her way she will face responsibilities and commitments to adapt to be her, there will be comical and romantic situations until finding a solution that returns them to normality.

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